Reliability In Your
Trial Technology.

Avalie was developed by a team of specialists who draw on decades of experience working with trial attorneys and their litigation teams who try cases in state and federal courts. We are at home in the courtroom.

We are also comfortable with the courtroom coming home, where we are adept at managing the technology aspects of today’s virtual trials. This is what makes us so reliable.

Our Courtroom Services Include:

  • State-of-the-art technology that brings your exhibits to life for judges and juries
  • Developing presentations and trial graphics
  • Supporting on-demand access to trial documents, videos, graphics, and transcripts
  • Preparing on-the-spot documents, videos, and graphics
  • Addressing spontaneous document annotations
  • Managing the trial presentation database for efficient access throughout the trial

Our team ensures you have what you need, when you need it,
so you can focus on delivering results for your clients.

Pre-Trial Support

Our goal is to partner with you to become part of your trial team so that our support is seamless to your case. Before your trial, our team can help you determine what technology to leverage to best present your case.

We create the trial presentation database and ensure all materials are loaded, properly catalogued, and readily accessible. Our software ensures reliability and takes the guesswork out, allowing you to focus on developing your trial themes and telling your client’s story.

Whatever your courtroom technology needs may be,

our specialists ensure it is handled so you can focus on delivering results for your clients. Imagine that.